Monday, October 24, 2011

Victory in Motown!

There is no other way to describe the win against the Detroit Lions except a HUGE WIN!. To win ON THE ROAD and against a 5-1 strong team, I have majority positive things to say today.

Lets discuss how every week when there is a key issue regarding Atlanta, immediately  it is turned around the next week. Last week against Carolina, Atlanta could not stop their divisional opponent on 3rd Downs. In yesterday's game the Detroit Lions converted 1 for 12 3rd Downs! Not to mention, that the 3rd Downs were sacks and broken up passes by the DBs. Major shout out to the Atlanta Defense this week holding Detroit to their lowest scoring game of 16 points compared to their average 30 points a game. Definitely the best defensive game of the season so far. 3 Sacks, the four man rush, and blitzing were solid efforts by the defense. What more can you ask for?

Offensively, solid game. Matty Ice and the offensive side of the ball have been playing consistently well and all four quarters in the past two games. I'm impressed. Running the ball well, completing passes, and the play calling was great and creative. Although Matt threw two interceptions, I must credit his athleticism and his toughness after limping off the field, jogging back out a few plays later, and  laser throw for 49 yards on a 3rd Down play. Listening to reports this morning, some Falcons are upset about some trash talking on the field by Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril, while Ryan was on the ground after his ankle was stepped on by his own man. If the comments were out of line or not, I'm not sure when it became okay to highlight trash talking on the field to the media. As a fan, I'm not concerned about the trash talking on the field. Get mad and talk dirty if that is what it takes for a defense to step up and make some plays. Retaliate by shutting them down with a play, as did Ryan to Harry Douglas on that 3rd Down. I appreciate a team where actions and plays speak louder than words or "trash talking" in this case. It was a definitely a dirty game.

Which leads into my next comment regarding the penalties in this game. 21 penalties total. That is ridiculous. After the pushing and shoving before the game started, it was clear this would be a "chippy" and physical game. However, there should never be this many penalties in a game. Coming off last season, Atlanta was known for their discipline as being one of the least penalized teams in the league. From false starts, jumping offsides, including the illegal block in the back on the kick off return that would have been a touchdown by Eric Weems. Atlanta has to cut down on the mistakes that cost big field position.

I like the way Atlanta has played in the past two games. As a Falcon fan, getting back to back wins against a good rookie in Cam Newton and a strong defensive team in Detroit, the rest of the season is something to get excited about. Going into this bye week with the struggling 0-6 Colts and then three straight home games, this win against Detroit will be the game that turns this season around. I'm excited. Special shout out to Tony Gonazalez for breaking the record over Cris Carter and Michael Irvin in All-Time receptions with 1,103 career receptions. He already has admitted he won't pass Jerry Rice with 1,549, but for a tight end? That is amazing. Nice to have a future Hall of Famer on our team.

Are the Lions in trouble? At 5-2, not running the ball well, Stafford being carried out at the end of the game? I'm no expert, but I know enough about football to say that the Lions are a better team then past years, but they are not there yet.  Their weaknesses are being exposed. You're not going to win games not running the ball and 10 penalties. Before the season started, I said they would finish 8-8. I was surprised at their 5-0 start, but Detroit is not used to being in this winning situation. They have a tough schedule ahead, with the Packers twice, Chargers, and the Saints. They won't win all those games, if any. They are a strong team, but this is not the season. They will get there.

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