Monday, December 19, 2011

4th Straight Winning Season!

9-5 with two games to go in the season. For the fourth straight year, after a dominating home victory against the transitioning Jacksonville Jaguars, the Atlanta Falcons secured another winning season under the Thomas Dimitroff-Mike Smith administration. For those who may be unaware, the Falcons had never had back to back winning season before 2008.

I won't bore you with statistics about the game during this post, but I will give kudos to both the offense and defense for playing an outstanding game. Matt Ryan was able to spread the ball around to many of our targets. We also established the running game with Michael Turner early. It was good to see a dominating win from the Falcons last night against the Jags. I've already heard people say to me that the Jags were no competition to compare how good or bad the Falcons are.

In my opinion, it is not about how good or bad a team is, but how you play them. The Falcons tend to let teams with worse records hang around and score points. The game becomes a battle to the end. Games with teams that are not as good as the us, we should just beat them. That is what we did Thursday against the Jags. We ran the ball, complete passes, created turnovers and scored points.

A big win like Thursdays game sets the tone for how we should continue to play for the last two games of the season. Our next game is against our biggest rival, the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. As always this is going to be a battle to the end. Atlanta Falcons vs. the New Orleans is always a great game to watch because both teams know each other well and always come to play. This is a must win for Atlanta being that we loss to New Orleans earlier this season at home. The way New Orleans is playing, we may not win the division. However as the top Wild Card spot, winning on the road in New Orleans will secure that spot and put us one game behind them. It also proves critics that we can beat a good team on the road and a good boost for the team. Any game against the Saints is always great. Obviously it won't be as easy as the win against the Jaguars, it will be a challenge. But this week we looked great. We had the "play to win," "killer instinct" attitude the entire game. We have a long week to rest up and prepare for next week's national game. Time to shut the "Who Dats" down!